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My name is Jennifer. I am the owner and lead makeup artist. Welcome to our virtual studio! Thanks for stopping by!

When you send an inquiry, you will be connected directly with me. I love answering all of your questions and look forward to connecting! 

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My Story

Jennifer is a makeup artist who loves helping women elevate their look, so they can feel their best. She fell in love with makeup artistry while completing an internship at Telemundo. She loved every second of it, especially the on-camera look. This is when [from experience] she recognized how makeup can be a great tool for enhancing your natural beauty. Seeing the looks first hand from production to editing allowed her to understand the synergistic relationship between makeup products, techniques and photography/videography - something a bride, model or anyone seeking a long-lasting makeup look that looks flawless in photos values. 


She started experimenting with makeup, learning the craft from the pros and the rest is history. From there, she decided to take her beauty and business education to the next level. She started working as a freelancer and quickly gained a reputation for her artistry and her ability to cultivate looks that suit all types of women from all ethnicities, skin tones and skin types.

To provide her clients with a sophisticated experience, she built a team composed of equally talented, thoughtful and ethical beauty professionals in the city who share the same values and passion as her. This way, you don't need to look any further. 

Jennifer has been committed to making women look and feel impeccable through makeup artistry. She believes in exceptional client service.

Jennifer is passionate about her work and loves helping women feel confident and beautiful. She believes that makeup should be used to enhance a woman's natural beauty, not to mask it. She is always up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques that align with her style, and she loves experimenting with new looks.

Building The Glam Room Orlando team has been one of her greatest accomplishments. There is no better reward for her than seeing clients love their look after spending time and effort creating it. 

Get connected to experience white-glove service from the first message until the end of you session!

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